Has it happened to you? Please share!

This is not a coaching blog post, so please forgive me if that’s what you were hoping for today. I have one of those in the works, and it’s a fun one 😊 But for now, I am curious and hoping to reach women who can help quench my thirst for knowledge. 
I’d like to hear from women who have personally experienced the gender pay gap. Women who have literally been paid less than men in their exact same professional position. 
I personally can’t talk; haven’t experienced it. But something about this ad (why does it feel patronizing to me?!?) and a rant about “no such thing as gender pay discrepancy” has me really curious. I lean strongly towards feminism and liberal ideas but I don’t like to exclude the possible validity of other perspectives. So I’m seriously asking: has it happened to you or to someone you know? I don’t doubt it’s a reality, but I’d like to know when, where, and how. 
Please, whatever you do, don’t chime in with statistics from another source, as I am totally capable of googling all by myself. I want real life narrative if you have it. 
And by all means, share this so we can find true stories. Thanks!


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