Angsty Middle Age Ranting, rawr. 

More people my age need to stop giving a crap about trying to fit into a group, impressing people, and having it “all together.” First off, it’s impossible and you’re using up valuable energy in the pursuit of a forever unattainable goal. This is one source of stress & depression. You also may be setting your kids up for therapy because you’re modeling behavior that tells them not to be happy with themselves. And as far as impressing people, Nobody cares and you’re dimming your damn light. People literally give you 20 seconds of attention and judgement (unless you directly influence their lives) and move on to fixating on themselves while you’re fixating on their approval or lack thereof. I have wonderful friends in their 60’s & up who have matured enough to figure this all out & actually enjoy living. I’m so antsy for other people my age to get this. Be ahead of your time in a way that will actually impact YOUR life…live it however the fook you want. 
I don’t know why I felt this was necessary to write today. But there ya go. Do with it what you will. 


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